Thursday, June 26, 2014


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Homophobic:   Anyone who doesn't agree with or support EVERYTHING surrounding, related to, or connected with anything or anyone homosexual,    Additionally, anyone who uses any language deemed "offensive" (subjective) pertaining to the aforementioned.


  • If you don't hire someone, and they are gay, you are homophobic.
  • If you say something that offends someone gay, you are a homophobic.
  • If a gay man doesn't succeed it is because of homophobia.   
  • If you are an actor and don't accept a gay role, you are homophobic.
  • If you are a 3rd grade teacher and don't want to teach your students about homosexuality, you are a homophobic.
  • If you don't believe that the Institution of Marriage should include homosexuals, you are a homophobic.
  • If you feel uncomfortable with a gay man babysitting your 8 year old son, you are a homophobic (never-mind that it is was a concern over possible pedophilia that gave you pause. When you didn't hire a man babysitter for your 12 year old daughter no one questioned it)

Conspiracy Theorist:  Anyone who doesn't believe the propaganda, lies, and deceit that someone in a position of authority (govt, news etc) tries to sell them.

Immigration Reform:   Paying guides and coyotes to bring illegal alien minors into the USA (and aiding them in safe passage) in order to cause a devastating and disastrous domestic situation in southern states that will require immediate action.

Ukranian Rebels:   Ukrainians who don't support the new Western regime put in place by an illegal coup and takeover of their country.

Ukranian Defense:  Illegal Ukrainians who ousted the legal govt. with the help of NATO and the US.

Syrian Jihadists:  Legal govt and citizens of Syria fighting against foreign invaders.

Syrian Freedom Fighters:  US trained, funded non-Syrian rebels that fight against Syria.

on ISIS attacking Iraq:   Oops, we funded and trained them to attack Assad.

on ISIS finding Saddam's Chemical Weapons Stash:   WOW --- they did what UN inspectors and the USA couldn't do for 10 years?   Someone finally found the missing WMDs?

Where will the USA  I mean ISIS attack with these chemical weapons?   That will be the new PROBLEM.   What will be the public REACTION (after spun by the media and various govts)?   Finally,  what will the response (SOLUTION) be to it the drummed up REACTION?

You've been warned.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

RACE :: Inconsistencies (Obama, Elliot, Zimmerman)

Barack Hussein Obama.   Mom is white.  Dad is black.   The media calls him "black".   Generally speaking, if you are half white and half black you are called "black".  Barack is of an equal amount white as he is black.

Elliot Rodger.  Mom is of Chinese decent, from Malaysia.  Dad is white.  The media and blogosphere are ablaze with claims of "white privilege".   Elliot is an equal amount Chinese (via Malaysia) as he is white.

George Zimmerman.  Mom is Hispanic.  Dad is white.  The media constantly referred to him as "White".    This stoked the race card in the Treyvon Shooting incident.  George is of an equal amount Hispanic as he is white.

The media is at the top of the list of those hammering "racism" yet they are one of, if not THE top proponent of stoking "racism".

Don't fall into the "race" game.   


Participating Patsy

Participating Pat·sy- (Noun)
A willing actor who will go down as the sole fall-guy for an event that was actually perpetrated, orchestrated and executed by multiple parties.  

A patsy is a fall guy for an event.  An easy set-up.

A "participating patsy" is a more evolved attack.   Instead of just a set-up, the real attackers actually encourage and utilize a willing and often psychologically unstable "participating patsy".   One of the hallmarks of the PP is that the fall-guy is almost always mentally unstable in the eyes of the jury (you the viewing public).

The PP won't deny that they are the source, brains, and that they acted alone.   They think all along that they are going to pull off the attack.   They are lured by the power, the ego, and whatever "cause" or "agenda" that they are indoctrinated with.  The PP will often take credit for the attack (prior to the attack via video, letters.... or after being captured in the rare event that they weren't murdered by the real attackers) yet all along the attack's success,  execution, scope, breadth, and effectiveness was entirely due to the real attackers.    They don't have to take credit to be the PP ---  if the case is strong against them and they are dead, their mental instability or some back-story can suffice to pitch them as the fall-guy.   The PP is a pawn to serve as the fall-guy --- undeniably so since they were apart of the attack all along the way.

You can sniff out the PP attack.    When the next "event" strikes your local news, PAY ATTENTION.   If the initial unfiltered reports and real eye-witnesses acknowledge multiple attackers ....  the event is ripe for a PP.   If shortly thereafter the "official narrative" emerges and eliminates mentions of the "other" attackers....  the media stations have likely been hand-fed the script via their superiors.   The story will read that there was one attacker, not two, or three.   All highlighted evidence from this point forward will overwhelmingly show that the lone attacker (or attacker party) was solely responsible for the carnage.

Consider this pattern for the following events:

::17 known terrorist attacks ultimately orchestrated by FBI agents but carried out by misguided men that became "terrorists" via the FBI encouragement, resources, and help.
::Sandy Hook  (originally multiple shooters reported by multiple sources)
::DC car / barrier event (passenger seen ducking in the video of the fleeing car)
::Retribution Killer  (originally reported that the passenger was the shooter, confirms the eye-witness accounts)
::Navy Yard Shooting

A likely scenario along with these "killings" is that the PP is off'd by the "other" shooter (at the scene).   Other-times don't even require the PP present.   They could screw up the operation.   There are various derivations on this theme --- they all work if the heat all points to the PP.   Training videos (on-site) can be used and released as live-event videos to convince the public of the "actual event" even though it didn't go down exactly that way.

Why orchestrate chaos, murder and mayhem and have a fall-guy?   Either the chaos, murder and mayhem is the goal (not likely) or the chaos, murder and mayhem enables reactions/responses that are the goal (much more likely).

These events and ops take planning.

It is important to note that none of these attacks actually have to take place in the real world.  They can be complete fictions invented and sold to the masses as being "real".    The narrative and the fallout from the narrative is what is important.   Whether or not this event or that event actually happened (real people died the way the news claims) is irrelevant with respect to what happens NEXT.   The agenda is always the end-game.   The "response" (or solution purposed and enacted upon us) .... the "reaction" to the "catastrophe".....  is almost always the "reason" behind the "event".

You've been warned.

A look at a "possible" future:

Que up the SCI-FI script:

Technology increase is rapidly accelerating and reaching a pace we've never seen.  It's hard to grasp how fast things are moving.   It is even harder for humans to imagine a word where Artificial Intelligence surpasses that of human intelligence.  How can you grasp something that is smarter than you?  How can an ant fathom the mind of Einstein?   We are on an unstoppable path whereby jobs are minimized and more of the populace becomes unemployed and essentially irrelevant in the eyes of the state.

As time proceeds more jobs will be automated via new technology advancements.   This will increase unemployment because less and less jobs will be available for humans to fill.    Social programs will be increasingly put under more and more stress each year.   New jobs and skills will pop-up but they will not keep up with those jobs that are lost due to automation and future technologies increasing at exponential rates.   The "Minimum Wage" line will move forward into the jobs that currently are considered "skilled" jobs.    Why hire a designer when you can employ a program that does a better job in a fraction of the time?   Name the job --- it can likely be automated by future technology.   The accelerated pace of technology growth will rapidly push the MW line deeper right.  MW is always paid for the jobs that require the least skill but cannot yet be automated.   MW jobs are always those jobs that are close to being automated and done away with.   As more jobs are automated the MW pool will increase by pulling MW+ jobs into MW jobs.  There will be less and less jobs left to fill by skilled humans.  Many MW+ "skills" in today's world will be considered non-skills in the near future.  

3D printing, autonomous drones, builder-bots, automated tellers, AI personalities, AI experts and AI advisers ----  all are just a sub-set of technologies that are increasingly cutting away from available jobs. 

Possible Future Scenario:
The majority of America (and humanity) is headed towards a complete welfare state.   Eventually there will be a point where the majority of humanity is sustained by the graces of the "state's" welfare programs.   Population will have to be minimized.  There are no MW jobs in this future.  There will be only a few very powerful jobs for humans.  The bulk of humanity will be tightly controlled, clothed, housed, fed, and entertained by the state because there is otherwise nothing else for them to do.    If you do not subscribe to this future-state program you will have no other way to sustain yourself and your family.    

Less than 1% of 1% will hold the power and be considered "the elite" or the "royalty" in this future.  Less than 1% of humanity will be "needed" for the skills they provide the planet.  They will be respected by the elite....  the rest of humanity will be the "lowers" --- the lessor species that are kept around only because the powerful elite allow them to live.

Friday, April 11, 2014

False Flags and the next evolution :: FFA vs FFFA

As the public's awareness of the age-old "false-flag" tom-foolery increases a new method must be devised.

The "False-Flag" Attack (FFA): Group A pretends to be Group B in order to attack Group C (which could be the same as Group A) in order to justify a response of some kind.  The distinction I want to focus on is that the response is the desired outcome.

The next evolution only becomes possible when the public awareness of the concept of FFA reaches a critical mass.

The "False False-Flag" Attack (FFFA):  Group A pretends to be Group B (setting them up) to get caught trying to pull off a false-flag.   The important distinction is that the false false-flag attack (FFFA) is the desired attack.  It is permitted due to the act being blamed on Group B's failed false-flag attempt.  This would essentially allow a particularly crafty and resourceful group to attack any other group, straightaway, with no blow back or repercussions.  As compared to the FFA it would require more planning, more diverse resources and a stronger control of the media narrative.   It would be akin to the "long con".

You have been warned.

Monday, March 31, 2014

How to sell a lie :: with the FIIRE method

Current % of population believing the truth you are trying to hide:   <1%

Feared percent of population that would know the truth when exposed:  85%.   (unacceptable risk!)

a.  Flood
Flood the public domain with as many conspiracy theories as possible.  Ensure some are over-the-top crazy.   Make others more plausible but complete red herrings.   In your quest to hide the truth it is a bonus if you can cause some of these theories to tie up the resources of your opponents.  If you can successfully flood the market with false data and rabbit holes you will obfuscate the truth among your pile of lies.   They have to be believable.    Each theory should target a sub-group, demographic or sub-culture of the population.   Your goal is to tie them all up with false theories.  All you have to do is plant the seeds.  The public's imagination will grow the theories, organically, from there.   Be proud of watching what your creations become!

% of population believing the truth you are trying to hide:   <1%

b. Inclusion  
Include the truth you want to hide in the Flood.  The general public will lump the truth in with all the other "crazy" conspiracy theories (the ones they don't believe).   Focus on making the truth sound like one of the more crazy conspiracy theories.  The best way to handle the truth being exposed is to expose it yourself and control the handling and absorption of the information.   In the context of "just anther conspiracy theory" most people won't even consider it.  They will choose another more plausible theory.   Of the very small few who latch on to this "crazy" theory (the actual truth) the overwhelming majority will be duped into switching in the next step.

% of population believing the truth you are trying to hide:   <5-10%

c.  Invention
Manufacture a more believable truth -- a truth that speaks to the general beliefs and expectations of the public.    This eventually become the official narrative.  When revealed, this will get most the general public to switch from their 'theory' to this 'truth'.   You want them thinking, "Aha!  So that's what happened!"   Most people don't want to believe bad things.  They didn't want to believe the conspiracy theory in the "flood" stage.  They picked it because it made the most sense to them.   If you serve them up a "official narrative" that is even better;  they will go out of their way to discredit contradictory facts and evidence if it means keeping their world views together.  (cognitive dissonance)  The official narrative brings peace to their brains and allows them to set the topic to rest.   The lie you are selling here will contain just enough of the elements of the flooded conspiracy theories to allow them to switch with no mental ego hit.   They can still say, "see, I knew something like that happened".

% of population believing the truth you are trying to hide:   <5%

d.  Repeat and Reinforce
Repeat the "truth" you want to sell, in as many forms and formats as possible.    Sell, sell, sell.   News, blogs, TV shows, movies ---- all of them work together to overtly an covertly influence the minds of the masses.  

% of population believing the truth you are trying to hide:   <2%

e.  Experts / Official Agency Sign-off.
Appealing to authority on a mass-scale is an imperative when selling a lie.   It becomes harder for the general public to not believe the lie because powerful and educated agencies and groups have backed it.   You shown them all the crazy theories, you given them a more believable theory and you reinforced it through as many different 'touch points' as possible.   The experts sign-off provide the final support of needed.   In today's culture a celebrity and/or athlete is just as relevant as a scientist.   It is much easier to believe a lie when someone you "respect" also supports the lie.   It is easy to find someone the public respects because their heroes are easily fooled themselves.   The best spokesman for a lie is someone who believes that lie.

% of population believing the truth you are trying to hide:   <1%

Congratulations!  Using the FIIRE method, you've just sold an invented lie and hid the truth in the pile of flooded babble.  You prevented exposure by a "controlled exposure" and forever eliminated the possibility of a breaking news.   Your truth is already exposed and the general population never went above a 10% belief threshold.

Anyone who still believes the truth you tried to hide will be ridiculed as abnormal, a conspiracy theorist, and ostracized from being taken seriously.   It is impossible to 'buck-the-trend' when the public has been duped (original conspiracy theory) and then re-duped(the official narrative).  Once settled on the 'final truth' (the official narrative) they've invested so much time and energy into the process.  They will not even allow for that to be challenged again.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Malaysian Flight 370 :: LOGIC TREE

I. The plane never took off.

II. The plane took off.
----IIa. The plane landed, intact.
----IIb. The plane crashed.
--------IIb1. The plane crashed on land.
--------IIb2. The plane crashed at sea.
----IIc. The plane never landed (ie. shot down, collided mid-air, blown up, black hole, worm hole etc)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ukrainian Timeline

December 15, 2013

"Around 200,000 people demonstrated against Ukraine joining Soviet-style economic order in lieu of EU trade pact"

December 17, 2013

February 6, 2014
Leaked audio reveals embarrassing U.S. exchange on Ukraine, EU
(the west is caught red-handed picking the next leader of Ukraine)

February 10, 2014
I am Ukrainian - Viral Video
Larry Diamond of the US state department produces viral "I am Ukraine" video in an attempt to con the public into backing foreign intervention.   This and more is covered by RT in this video:

February 18-23, 2014
2014 Ukrainian revolution

March 5, 2014
Leaked Phone Call: Kiev Snipers Hired by US-Backed Opposition

March 16, 2014
Crimea Votes to Secede From Ukraine as Russian Troops Keep Watch

April 09, 2014
“We are particularly concerned that the operation involves some 150 American mercenaries from a private company Greystone Ltd., dressed in the uniform of the [Ukrainian] special task police unit Sokol,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “Organizers and participants of such incitement are assuming a huge responsibility for threatening upon the rights, freedoms and lives of Ukrainian citizens as well as the stability of Ukraine.”

You've been warned.

UFO Disclosure Possibility Increases

John Podesta was recently appointed into the Obama Cabinet.

Podesta is a UFO disclosure advocate.   This increases the likelihood that this administration will be the one to "disclose" UFO information.

Whatever is disclosed will be only part truth.   What will be disclosed will be used to further control you.  The government doesn't purposefully shoot itself in the foot.  They will release information for a strategic purpose with a specific plan of action carefully crafted.

The only thing you can count on with disclosure is the fact that the government found it important enough in this time to announce the disclosure.   The content of the disclosure will be enticing to many --- but it needs to be viewed with highly skeptical eyes.

You've been warned.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 :: RESPONSE WATCH

Please read malaysia-airlines-flight-370 to understand the necessity for this RESPONSE WATCH.  By assessing the national RESPONSES to Malaysian flight 370 we can assess the motive and responsible parties behind its disappearance.

Israel closes embassies around the world

President Obama: "I’m More Concerned About A Nuke In New York Than Russia"


NSA Slits Own Wrist: Classifies MH370 Info – What Do They Know The Rest Of The World Doesn’t Know?

In response to a freedom of information request made by Before It’s News friend and Attorney Orly Taitz requesting any and all documents in the possession of NSA regarding the missing Malaysian airplane MH370, the NSA has seemingly slit its own wrist by denying all information under the grounds of Executive Order 13526: “…the MH370 disappearance  has been classified as a matter ‘to be kept secret in the interest of national defense or foreign relations’….”

Disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Work of Terrorists? 11 Linked to Al Qaeda Probed; Lithium Batteries Part of Cargo Contents?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Flight 370:  Modern Day Mystery

This will not be a story about what "might" have happened.  We don't need to conject.  It does no good conjecting about "means" and "opportunity" regarding potential crimes of this scale.   We don't even know what means were required because we don't know what happened!  We don't even have a crime scene yet! Conjecting is a waste of critical thought time and merely an intellectual addiction.  There are too many scenarios that are possible.   What you will find in this post is information on how to decode these types of events with data that is undeniable and factual ----  by analyzing the real response that ensues......

The world is watching with their full attention.  The consequences of this event will have a future impact that has yet to be seen.  That's what I'm encouraging you to watch for.   Know this:  The mystery is not for naught.  It is working as a means towards a greater goal that we have yet to witness.   Great efforts have went into this story, into prepping the public and into captivating a world-wide audience.   Do they (who remain unknown) have your attention?

Our hackles are up.   The collective Spidey Senses are tingling.   There are many watching this unfold with a deeper sense that something is NOT as it seems.

Note:  Even this picture, could be misleading.  It programs you, the viewer, with an image of a plane taking off.   Is that not a presupposition?  Do we know for 100% certainty that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 ever took off?  I think it is a likely assumption.  I'm just pointing out how these things work.   

Flight 370 has the attention of nearly every adult human being on planet earth.  In an age of hyper surveillance, lacking privacy, and satellites that can focus on dime laying on the sidewalk of Times Square;  we are faced with great modern day mystery.   How can a jet simply go missing "without a trace"?   Do we really believe our governments don't know what happened?  TV shows like Lost and even the more recent Resurrection have prepped our minds to consider strange possibilities.   We, the general public are infatuated with other-worldly explanations.  Everyone has a theory, yet these very theories will only cause you to miss what you are about to be able to see for the first time.   The motive is about to be revealed.

An official answer to the mystery will soon present itself.   Let's call this future answer, the "official narrative".   The narrative often evolves bit by bit and then finally emerges as a solidified truth in the minds of the viewer. By sheer brute force, volume, and a constant bombardment of imagery and video, you're ready to be sold on a viable answer.   Humans like answers.  Your brain needs an answer that fits.   In a world-wide event with dozens of involved countries ----- selling the narrative takes time.  More considerations have to be made and accounted for because there are more moving parts that can contradict.  It takes more work to reveal the narrative.  We are getting close to that big reveal, but that isn't the real reveal.  The real reveal is in the response to the reveal.
The nations that take the strongest actions in response to the "official narrative" are the most likely candidates for the owner of the original "motive".    Who gains from the action of the response?

When the response is taken the culprit is revealed.

It is not by the official story that we will receive the truth.   It is by the RESPONSE to the official story that we will receive critical information that will define the motive which will lead us, the uninformed public, to the culprit behind this.    If the disappearance is blamed on the Iranians, which leads to a war in Iran --- the likely culprits are those benefiting from a war with Iran.   If the plane re-emerges as a weapon and reigns down upon some unsuspecting city the likely culprits are the ones that utilize that event to justify their pre-planned next actions.   Play out any of your theories and apply this model of thinking.   The means and opportunity are irrelevant right now.   The one who benefits from the response is most likely the one behind the original event.   They have the motive.

This trickery of PROBLEM - REACTION - SOLUTION is not a new pattern.    The REACTION will be the public outcry to the "official narrative".  The SOLUTION will be the original motive behind causing the problem!  

Japan attacks Pearl Harbor --  America outcry -- US enters WWII.  Gulf of Tonkin incident --  outcry -- US enters Vietnam War.   We tried to use it in Syria with Assad but were derailed with the Kerry gaffe and last-minute save by the Russians.   We used it during 9-11..  TOWERS FALL -- outcry -- war in Iraq.. Iraq had nothing to do with the towers falling.  The real motive was the desperate imperative to protect the petro-dollar and thus the very foundation of the current US Economy.  

A brief history lesson:
All OPEC nations settle their energy transactions in dollars.  In return, they get US muscle to defend their trade routes and assets.  It is in both our interests to secure this business.

This arrangement has allowed the dollar to reign supreme and gives our nation a free pass to print money with no demand-side ramifications.   When Iraq left the petro-dollar in favor of a petro-euro it set a catastrophic precedence.  The US had no other viable option but to show the other OPEC nations what happens when you leave the petro-dollar.  No one leaves the petro-dollar without facing the wrath of the US military.   You could ask Libya's Ghadaffi what happens when you leave the petro-dollar if he wasn't dead.   His nation left the petro-dollar for his Gold Dinar and shortly thereafter was invaded, he was killed, and his nation forced back into the petro-dollar cartel.   They pulled that off by pitching the world on his "human rights violations".  Everything the US economy does is reliant upon support of the dollar via the petro-dollar.   The towers falling in 2001 allowed the USA to respond.  We responded with war against Iraq.   It didn't matter that Iraq had nothing to do with 911.   The war allowed the US to respond to the threat and to switch the petro-euro back to the petro-dollar.   Our politicians in-the-know can justify the action as a better option to the alternative complete collapse of our nation as we know it.   Any war will be chosen over the demise of our economy and a complete collapse of our dollar.

What's the lesson?

It is impossible to cut through the media narrative until you see the national response to the narrative.  Only then can  you have the information you need to process the event.

I'm not suggesting the disappearance of flight 370 is or is not a US hatched plan.  I'm suggesting that you pay attention to the RESPONSE that will most assuredly follow the "official narrative" that eventually emerges.

From the RESPONSE you will be able to determine if this indeed was a horrible accident, a hijacking by terrorists, corporate espionage or a government sponsored attack.

see an updated RESPONSE WATCH
Response Watch