Tuesday, May 27, 2014

RACE :: Inconsistencies (Obama, Elliot, Zimmerman)

Barack Hussein Obama.   Mom is white.  Dad is black.   The media calls him "black".   Generally speaking, if you are half white and half black you are called "black".  Barack is of an equal amount white as he is black.

Elliot Rodger.  Mom is of Chinese decent, from Malaysia.  Dad is white.  The media and blogosphere are ablaze with claims of "white privilege".   Elliot is an equal amount Chinese (via Malaysia) as he is white.

George Zimmerman.  Mom is Hispanic.  Dad is white.  The media constantly referred to him as "White".    This stoked the race card in the Treyvon Shooting incident.  George is of an equal amount Hispanic as he is white.

The media is at the top of the list of those hammering "racism" yet they are one of, if not THE top proponent of stoking "racism".

Don't fall into the "race" game.