Thursday, June 26, 2014


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Homophobic:   Anyone who doesn't agree with or support EVERYTHING surrounding, related to, or connected with anything or anyone homosexual,    Additionally, anyone who uses any language deemed "offensive" (subjective) pertaining to the aforementioned.


  • If you don't hire someone, and they are gay, you are homophobic.
  • If you say something that offends someone gay, you are a homophobic.
  • If a gay man doesn't succeed it is because of homophobia.   
  • If you are an actor and don't accept a gay role, you are homophobic.
  • If you are a 3rd grade teacher and don't want to teach your students about homosexuality, you are a homophobic.
  • If you don't believe that the Institution of Marriage should include homosexuals, you are a homophobic.
  • If you feel uncomfortable with a gay man babysitting your 8 year old son, you are a homophobic (never-mind that it is was a concern over possible pedophilia that gave you pause. When you didn't hire a man babysitter for your 12 year old daughter no one questioned it)

Conspiracy Theorist:  Anyone who doesn't believe the propaganda, lies, and deceit that someone in a position of authority (govt, news etc) tries to sell them.

Immigration Reform:   Paying guides and coyotes to bring illegal alien minors into the USA (and aiding them in safe passage) in order to cause a devastating and disastrous domestic situation in southern states that will require immediate action.

Ukranian Rebels:   Ukrainians who don't support the new Western regime put in place by an illegal coup and takeover of their country.

Ukranian Defense:  Illegal Ukrainians who ousted the legal govt. with the help of NATO and the US.

Syrian Jihadists:  Legal govt and citizens of Syria fighting against foreign invaders.

Syrian Freedom Fighters:  US trained, funded non-Syrian rebels that fight against Syria.

on ISIS attacking Iraq:   Oops, we funded and trained them to attack Assad.

on ISIS finding Saddam's Chemical Weapons Stash:   WOW --- they did what UN inspectors and the USA couldn't do for 10 years?   Someone finally found the missing WMDs?

Where will the USA  I mean ISIS attack with these chemical weapons?   That will be the new PROBLEM.   What will be the public REACTION (after spun by the media and various govts)?   Finally,  what will the response (SOLUTION) be to it the drummed up REACTION?

You've been warned.