Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Participating Patsy

Participating Pat·sy- (Noun)
A willing actor who will go down as the sole fall-guy for an event that was actually perpetrated, orchestrated and executed by multiple parties.  

A patsy is a fall guy for an event.  An easy set-up.

A "participating patsy" is a more evolved attack.   Instead of just a set-up, the real attackers actually encourage and utilize a willing and often psychologically unstable "participating patsy".   One of the hallmarks of the PP is that the fall-guy is almost always mentally unstable in the eyes of the jury (you the viewing public).

The PP won't deny that they are the source, brains, and that they acted alone.   They think all along that they are going to pull off the attack.   They are lured by the power, the ego, and whatever "cause" or "agenda" that they are indoctrinated with.  The PP will often take credit for the attack (prior to the attack via video, letters.... or after being captured in the rare event that they weren't murdered by the real attackers) yet all along the attack's success,  execution, scope, breadth, and effectiveness was entirely due to the real attackers.    They don't have to take credit to be the PP ---  if the case is strong against them and they are dead, their mental instability or some back-story can suffice to pitch them as the fall-guy.   The PP is a pawn to serve as the fall-guy --- undeniably so since they were apart of the attack all along the way.

You can sniff out the PP attack.    When the next "event" strikes your local news, PAY ATTENTION.   If the initial unfiltered reports and real eye-witnesses acknowledge multiple attackers ....  the event is ripe for a PP.   If shortly thereafter the "official narrative" emerges and eliminates mentions of the "other" attackers....  the media stations have likely been hand-fed the script via their superiors.   The story will read that there was one attacker, not two, or three.   All highlighted evidence from this point forward will overwhelmingly show that the lone attacker (or attacker party) was solely responsible for the carnage.

Consider this pattern for the following events:

::17 known terrorist attacks ultimately orchestrated by FBI agents but carried out by misguided men that became "terrorists" via the FBI encouragement, resources, and help.
::Sandy Hook  (originally multiple shooters reported by multiple sources)
::DC car / barrier event (passenger seen ducking in the video of the fleeing car)
::Retribution Killer  (originally reported that the passenger was the shooter, confirms the eye-witness accounts)
::Navy Yard Shooting

A likely scenario along with these "killings" is that the PP is off'd by the "other" shooter (at the scene).   Other-times don't even require the PP present.   They could screw up the operation.   There are various derivations on this theme --- they all work if the heat all points to the PP.   Training videos (on-site) can be used and released as live-event videos to convince the public of the "actual event" even though it didn't go down exactly that way.

Why orchestrate chaos, murder and mayhem and have a fall-guy?   Either the chaos, murder and mayhem is the goal (not likely) or the chaos, murder and mayhem enables reactions/responses that are the goal (much more likely).

These events and ops take planning.

It is important to note that none of these attacks actually have to take place in the real world.  They can be complete fictions invented and sold to the masses as being "real".    The narrative and the fallout from the narrative is what is important.   Whether or not this event or that event actually happened (real people died the way the news claims) is irrelevant with respect to what happens NEXT.   The agenda is always the end-game.   The "response" (or solution purposed and enacted upon us) .... the "reaction" to the "catastrophe".....  is almost always the "reason" behind the "event".

You've been warned.