Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A look at a "possible" future:

Que up the SCI-FI script:

Technology increase is rapidly accelerating and reaching a pace we've never seen.  It's hard to grasp how fast things are moving.   It is even harder for humans to imagine a word where Artificial Intelligence surpasses that of human intelligence.  How can you grasp something that is smarter than you?  How can an ant fathom the mind of Einstein?   We are on an unstoppable path whereby jobs are minimized and more of the populace becomes unemployed and essentially irrelevant in the eyes of the state.

As time proceeds more jobs will be automated via new technology advancements.   This will increase unemployment because less and less jobs will be available for humans to fill.    Social programs will be increasingly put under more and more stress each year.   New jobs and skills will pop-up but they will not keep up with those jobs that are lost due to automation and future technologies increasing at exponential rates.   The "Minimum Wage" line will move forward into the jobs that currently are considered "skilled" jobs.    Why hire a designer when you can employ a program that does a better job in a fraction of the time?   Name the job --- it can likely be automated by future technology.   The accelerated pace of technology growth will rapidly push the MW line deeper right.  MW is always paid for the jobs that require the least skill but cannot yet be automated.   MW jobs are always those jobs that are close to being automated and done away with.   As more jobs are automated the MW pool will increase by pulling MW+ jobs into MW jobs.  There will be less and less jobs left to fill by skilled humans.  Many MW+ "skills" in today's world will be considered non-skills in the near future.  

3D printing, autonomous drones, builder-bots, automated tellers, AI personalities, AI experts and AI advisers ----  all are just a sub-set of technologies that are increasingly cutting away from available jobs. 

Possible Future Scenario:
The majority of America (and humanity) is headed towards a complete welfare state.   Eventually there will be a point where the majority of humanity is sustained by the graces of the "state's" welfare programs.   Population will have to be minimized.  There are no MW jobs in this future.  There will be only a few very powerful jobs for humans.  The bulk of humanity will be tightly controlled, clothed, housed, fed, and entertained by the state because there is otherwise nothing else for them to do.    If you do not subscribe to this future-state program you will have no other way to sustain yourself and your family.    

Less than 1% of 1% will hold the power and be considered "the elite" or the "royalty" in this future.  Less than 1% of humanity will be "needed" for the skills they provide the planet.  They will be respected by the elite....  the rest of humanity will be the "lowers" --- the lessor species that are kept around only because the powerful elite allow them to live.