Monday, March 31, 2014

How to sell a lie :: with the FIIRE method

Current % of population believing the truth you are trying to hide:   <1%

Feared percent of population that would know the truth when exposed:  85%.   (unacceptable risk!)

a.  Flood
Flood the public domain with as many conspiracy theories as possible.  Ensure some are over-the-top crazy.   Make others more plausible but complete red herrings.   In your quest to hide the truth it is a bonus if you can cause some of these theories to tie up the resources of your opponents.  If you can successfully flood the market with false data and rabbit holes you will obfuscate the truth among your pile of lies.   They have to be believable.    Each theory should target a sub-group, demographic or sub-culture of the population.   Your goal is to tie them all up with false theories.  All you have to do is plant the seeds.  The public's imagination will grow the theories, organically, from there.   Be proud of watching what your creations become!

% of population believing the truth you are trying to hide:   <1%

b. Inclusion  
Include the truth you want to hide in the Flood.  The general public will lump the truth in with all the other "crazy" conspiracy theories (the ones they don't believe).   Focus on making the truth sound like one of the more crazy conspiracy theories.  The best way to handle the truth being exposed is to expose it yourself and control the handling and absorption of the information.   In the context of "just anther conspiracy theory" most people won't even consider it.  They will choose another more plausible theory.   Of the very small few who latch on to this "crazy" theory (the actual truth) the overwhelming majority will be duped into switching in the next step.

% of population believing the truth you are trying to hide:   <5-10%

c.  Invention
Manufacture a more believable truth -- a truth that speaks to the general beliefs and expectations of the public.    This eventually become the official narrative.  When revealed, this will get most the general public to switch from their 'theory' to this 'truth'.   You want them thinking, "Aha!  So that's what happened!"   Most people don't want to believe bad things.  They didn't want to believe the conspiracy theory in the "flood" stage.  They picked it because it made the most sense to them.   If you serve them up a "official narrative" that is even better;  they will go out of their way to discredit contradictory facts and evidence if it means keeping their world views together.  (cognitive dissonance)  The official narrative brings peace to their brains and allows them to set the topic to rest.   The lie you are selling here will contain just enough of the elements of the flooded conspiracy theories to allow them to switch with no mental ego hit.   They can still say, "see, I knew something like that happened".

% of population believing the truth you are trying to hide:   <5%

d.  Repeat and Reinforce
Repeat the "truth" you want to sell, in as many forms and formats as possible.    Sell, sell, sell.   News, blogs, TV shows, movies ---- all of them work together to overtly an covertly influence the minds of the masses.  

% of population believing the truth you are trying to hide:   <2%

e.  Experts / Official Agency Sign-off.
Appealing to authority on a mass-scale is an imperative when selling a lie.   It becomes harder for the general public to not believe the lie because powerful and educated agencies and groups have backed it.   You shown them all the crazy theories, you given them a more believable theory and you reinforced it through as many different 'touch points' as possible.   The experts sign-off provide the final support of needed.   In today's culture a celebrity and/or athlete is just as relevant as a scientist.   It is much easier to believe a lie when someone you "respect" also supports the lie.   It is easy to find someone the public respects because their heroes are easily fooled themselves.   The best spokesman for a lie is someone who believes that lie.

% of population believing the truth you are trying to hide:   <1%

Congratulations!  Using the FIIRE method, you've just sold an invented lie and hid the truth in the pile of flooded babble.  You prevented exposure by a "controlled exposure" and forever eliminated the possibility of a breaking news.   Your truth is already exposed and the general population never went above a 10% belief threshold.

Anyone who still believes the truth you tried to hide will be ridiculed as abnormal, a conspiracy theorist, and ostracized from being taken seriously.   It is impossible to 'buck-the-trend' when the public has been duped (original conspiracy theory) and then re-duped(the official narrative).  Once settled on the 'final truth' (the official narrative) they've invested so much time and energy into the process.  They will not even allow for that to be challenged again.